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First off - Lessons - Road To Virtuosity International Music Academy. We emphasis technology in learning, and approach lessons in a unique, flexible way. If you are interested in lessons - go to our lessons page to find out more.

We also offer the world’s first Musician’s Ranking System or Leaderboard. Similar to sports or a chess ranking system, we have put together a ranking system for musicians. We evaluate musical pieces based on difficulty, length and complexity, and assign points to each piece Individually. All students enter the ranking system immediately after registration. Students can increase their rank by learning pieces, winning competitions, and completing challenges.

We offer Music Certificates. Our Certificate program offers a wide range of evaluations, serving all levels of musicians from beginners to virtuosos. We offer two certificate programs - Certificates of Merit - standard evaluations similar to RCM and ABSRM - and Certificates of Virtuosity - some of the most difficult and challenging certificates in the world.

We offer easy to enter Piano Competitions. Daily, weekly and monthly competitions are available. Join, practice, earn competition points and go up the ladder on the leaderboards. We have a large Free Sheet Music Library. Thousands of professionally edited pieces are available for free. Click here to browse the library.