User Agreements

  1. Users may use all non-copyright sheet music from RoadToVirtuosity for private and public performances. Use of the sheet music for resale or for-profit redistribution is not permitted.

  2. RoadToVirtuosity is not responsible for any infringement of copyright laws. All pieces with copyrights are clearly marked, and users must make a legal purchase in order gain access.

  3. RoadToVirtuosity will provide links where copyright sheet music can be purchased, but is not responsible for any part of the transactions between 3rd party sellers. Users must work directly with legal sellers regarding copyrighted sheet music.

  4. User retains legal rights to all their video performances.

  5. User gives RoadToVirtuosity permission to publicly host and display videos on 

  6. RoadToVirtuosity admins determine the evaluation standards for all pieces. Any increase or decrease in point evaluations may happen any time the admins think it is necessary. Any approvals or rejections of video submissions fall upon the discretion of the admins.

  7. If a user is awarded points by other users, he/she may still subjected to additional review by RoadToVirtuosity admins. Points may be deducted or increased based on the admins evaluations.

  8. If a user is unfairly rejected by other users, he/she has an option to resubmit their video - or request private paid evaluation from the admins. All requests for review of public submissions will go unanswered.

  9. If a user is unfairly rejecting other user’s submissions - they may lose evaluation privileges. The admins will will determine the proper course of action.

  10. User acknowledges that all submissions are made available to the public. Video links posted on Youtube must be marked public. Any videos made private infringe on the user agreement.

  11. If a video is not approved because of failure to meet standards - A refund is not available.

  12. All transactions regarding Competitions are final and refunds are not available.

  13. All transactions regarding BookStore are final and refunds are not available.

  14. Refunds are available in an event of technical malfunction. They are also available in an event of fraud or identity theft. All refunds must be coordinated by email with the RoadToVirtuosity admins.

  15. Payment for lessons is due before lesson starts. Failure to pay for lessons will result in an immediate cancellation.

  16. All scheduled online lessons are given a 24 hour grace period for reschedule or cancellation. All lessons changed or canceled after the grace period are subjected to full price.

  17. RoadToVirtuosity does not have a platform for direct communication between users: nor does it publicly post user email addresses: therefore RoadToVirtuosity is not responsible for any negative communication that happens between users on other social media sites.

Updated  - October 27, 2023