What we Offer

Sheet Music Library:  We offer a extensive, high quality sheet music library for anyone to use. The library is carefully organized by categories, difficulty levels, genre, and copyrights. All our non-copyrighted music is free to download and available for non-profit public or private performances. Feel free to browse through our library and download or purchase any sheet music you are looking for. Click here to browse the library

Global Leaderboard:  All users who submit a video - are added to the global leaderboards. Compete with people all over the world for 1st place. Compete for national and state level as well. You can also see your rank among students your own age and in your own field of expertise. Click here to see the current leaderboard.

Competitions:  We offer many easy to enter - online competitions. Daily, weekly, monthly, or single competitions are available. All participants in our online competitions will receive points towards their profile. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will received the biggest awards. We also collaborate with with 3rd party online or in-person competitions. Click here for a list of competitons available

Certificates:  We offer certificates for different genres, challenges and levels. Certificates are divided into 2 categories. Certificate of Merit and Certificate of Virtuosity(One the the most difficult certificates to obtain in the world). Choose a certificate you wish to obtain, learn the repertoire, and you will achieve your goals. Click here for a list of certificates available

Music Lessons:  We offer traditional weekly 30min lessons online - but we also offer a new innovative lessons structure. You can schedule a lesson when you need one. No need to commit to weekly lessons. You can also ignore meeting with a teacher at all. Simply learn a piano piece or record your practice - submit it - and a teacher will watch and evaluate it giving you specific feedback. Click here to learn more.

Online Bachelor’s Degree:  We are working to establish an accredited online music degree program - similar to one available from Berkeley College of Music. We will offer a Bachelors of Music in Performance. Currently this is unavailable as we are still putting the program together, but please contact us if you are interested so we can work harder to make it happen.

Community Videos:  In this current time, more people will watch your music performances online, then in-person. It only makes sense that you learn to record, and promote yourself as a musician online and in social media. We offer a platform for students to help each other out for free, by exchanging evaluations and watching each other’s performances. Click here view all the community videos

Bookstore:  We have books! We have new high quality printed books available in spirals and perfect bindings. We have practice guides. We have notation files in Sibelius, musescores and musicxml. Most sheet music books were printed many years. Our new edition are bigger, easier to read, and printed in HD. Click here to browse all our books.